Hernia Surgery

Hernias are a common general surgical problem that i can help with. Hernias can be divided into:

  1. Inguinal
  2. Umbilical
  3. Epigastric
  4. Incisional
  5. Femoral

Most hernias cause no problems and people learn to live with them. However, some do cause problems and the most common complaint is pain. Pain with lifting, pain with moving and pain that can stop people doing their day-to-day activities. It is in these situations when surgical repair will be recommended.

The surgical repair of any hernia is usually performed as a day procedure under a general anaesthetic, however some patients may prefer to stay one night in hospital. The duration and difficulty of the procedure will vary depending on the size of the hernia. Mr Patel will talk to you in more detail about your specific hernia and the operative plan when you see him, which will be specific for you.

“Do I need Mesh?”- this is the most common question that all patients ask. Mesh is very safe in hernia operations. Complications usually only arise when mesh is used in other (non hernia) surgical procedures. However, in saying this, there are a very very small number of patients that have complications when mesh is used for hernia repairs. Mr Patel can discuss this further with you when he sees you for the consultation.

Mr Patel only performs open hernia repairs not laroscopic.